Blues & Brews Barbeque

4-8 p.m. Friday, Noon-7 p.m. Saturday
Elks Lodge grounds, 701 S Fremont St., Shenandoah

The Forum to Revitalize Shenandoah and SCIA are proud to announce that the upcoming Shenandoah “ShenDig” Barbeque Competition has been designated as an official Qualifier event with the Kansas City Barbeque Society. To achieve this certain levels of expectations from the KCBS organization must be obtained by the local competition committee and its organizers. All of those requirements have been met and the Shenandoah “ShenDig” has achieved that designation of “Qualifier”.


With the “Qualifier” designation the “ShenDig” will have a Grand Champion that will be awarded an automatic invitation to compete at the American Royal BBQ Competition in Kansas City, will be in the lottery pool for the Jack Daniels invitational AND will be awarded an automatic invitation to the World BBQ competition in Alabama as long as that Grand Champion is a KCBS member.


The Forum to Revitalize Shenandoah is proud to accept this designation and organizers Stacy Truex and Mace Hensen credit the huge amount of support from the community for being able to achieve that designation in the first year of hosting the competition! To the community of Shenandoah and SW Iowa the Forum would like to say “Thanks You!”

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