June 7th, 2022

Shenandoah Museums Observe Iowa Museum Week June 6-12, Stressing Importance to Local Economy

Iowa Museums are essential to communities, are economic contributors, serve to educate and inspire the public. Greater Shenandoah Historical Society Museum, Everly Brothers Childhood Home and Veterans Memorial Museum will be joining in a statewide celebration of Iowa’s museums by participating in Iowa Museum Week this June 6-12. Iowa Museum Week is an opportunity to promote and raise awareness of the value of museums. Iowa Museum Week is an initiative of the Iowa Museum Association (IMA), of which Everly Brothers Childhood Home and Greater Shenandoah Historical Society Museum are members. IMA Director Cynthia Sweet noted, “The IMA serves as a communication and resource hub, provides educational opportunities, and advocates on behalf of the field. It’s important that we take time to highlight the importance of museums. Museums are essential to their communities, providing employment, purchasing goods and services, and attracting businesses as well as tourism to their communities. Museums are educators, providing learning opportunities for all ages and supporting schools and other educators. The stewardship role of the museum industry is incredibly important, encompassing everything from heritage seeds and plants to wildlife to archival documents, art, and historic places.” Both the Veterans Memorial Museum and the Greater Shenandoah Historical Society Museum offer tours to Shenandoah’s youth through the school. The Historical Museum also orchestrates the Cemetery Walk in the fall. The event uses live actors to narrate about the lives of past Shenandoah citizens. Everly Brothers Childhood Home is about to celebrate their annual Everly Heritage Day June 18 with an open house fundraiser for a giant highway mural of the musical duo. The home will be open to view the Shenandoah Everly documentary movie and more 1-4 p.m. Donate online at The Everly Foundation also organizes concerts annually to keep the music by the multi-Grammy winning artists alive and remember their contributions to the formation of rock n’ roll. The National Governors Association has reported that businesses looking to relocate want access to cultural resources and museums. Sweet stated, “Museums are vital to a healthy local and state economy. Not only are they employers and consumers of goods and services, communities that are wishing to attract new business and industry invest in and support their cultural infrastructure.” Important artifacts from Shenandoah business history are on display at the Historical Museum showing what made the economy tick throughout history. Shenandoah museums give back to the community. Both the Veterans Memorial Museum and the Greater Shenandoah Historical Society Museum offer large meeting rooms to the community to rent at low rates. The Everly Childhood Home also serves as Santa’s house for children to visit during the holidays. The Everly Family Scholarship was established in 1986 after the Everly Brothers Homecoming Concert in Shenandoah they donated their $25,000 fee and several subsequent Iowa performances to establish a scholarship fund to assist Shenandoah students in grades 6th – 8th grade and high school seniors. Because of their own impoverished yet musically and artistically rich childhood, Don and Phil Everly wanted to help Shenandoah kids who have interests and dreams but need a little financial help to get there. Iowa museum factoids: • Iowa’s 400 museums range from arboretums to zoos. While museums are different in many ways, they are all educational collecting organizations. • Iowa museums offer over 60,000 public programs every year, many of them free. • By providing learning in an “active” environment, museums offer all ages unique ways to learn, fostering lifelong interests. Active learning environments such as those offered by museums allow for choice and encourage problem solving, critical thinking skills, and creativity. • The American Alliance of Museums reports that nationally the nonprofit arts and cultural industry annually generates over $135 billion in economic activity, supporting more than 4.1 million full-time jobs and returning over $22 billion in local, state, and federal tax revenue. • In Iowa the alliance reports in 2017 $384 million financial impact on the economy with 6,012 jobs, $234 million in income wages provided by museums to residents in the state. Shenandoah Chamber & Industry Association helps support the museums with local option sales tax dollars. Donations are always welcome. Shenandoah museums wish to express thanks to their many volunteers for making their spaces so interesting and available to the public. Visiting Shenandoah’s museums is the perfect activity for families during staycations and to share with visitors. For more information visit the websites and Facebook pages. Greater Shenandoah Historical Society website is and is located at 800 W Sheridan Avenue, 712-246-1669, open Wednesday through Friday 1 – 5 p.m. and Saturday 1- 4 p.m. Everly Brothers Childhood home information is at and is located at 800 W Sheridan Avenue. Contact SCIA 712-246-3455 or the Depot Restaurant 712-246-4444 to setup a tour. Veterans Memorial Museum is located at 603 W Lowell Avenue, 712-246-8057. They are open 1-4 p.m. Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. For more information about Iowa Museums visit

June 7th, 2022

Everly Heritage Day Fundraising for Mural June 18

Highway Mural Artist John Cerney visited the Everly Brother's Childhood Home last week. He has been commissioned to create a mural of the Everly Brothers near Shenandoah. Fundraising for the art continues at Everly Heritage Day June 18. Read more at and

May 31st, 2022

Shenandoah Farmers Market Opens June 1st

June 1, Shenandoah Garden City Farmer’s Market opens in Priest Park 2-5 p.m. Market is open each Wed. same time and Saturdays 8-11 a.m. Early offerings include plant starts, baked goods, radishes, lettuce, onions, crafts and more. Vendors set up for free. See the market manager on opening date to sign waivers or stop by SCIA office at 619 W. Sheridan Ave.

May 20th, 2022

Veterans Memorial Museum SCIA Coffee June 1, 10 a.m.

June 1st 10 a.m. SCIA Coffee at Veterans Memorial Museum, 603 W. Lowell Ave. See the newly remodeled large meeting room for rent with Kitchen, call 246-8057. New home of the 1941 WWII Co. E sendoff banner donated by Helen Castle and Military Wabash Arts Camp Murals, tour the museum and enjoy coffee and a snack.

May 18th, 2022

SCIA Ribbon Cutting Coffee at Homestead of Shenandoah

Wed. May 25thAt a ribbon cutting coffee SCIA welcomed new owners Midwest Health to Homestead of Shenandoah assisted living and memory care this week. (former Windsor Manor) Learn more about this beautiful facility and their experienced caring staff at , 601 Harrison St.

May 18th, 2022

Community 1st CU Groundbreaking

May 17 SCIA welcomed Community 1st Credit Union to Shenandoah during today's groundbreaking. New building construction will be complete by end of year or early 2023, their 21st location. SCIA board member Julie O'Hara, Mayor Roger McQueen and Community 1st CU CEO & President Greg Hanshaw were speakers at the event.

May 10th, 2022

Community 1st Groundbreaking May 17

Community 1st Credit Union is excited to begin construction for a new branch facility in Shenandoah, IA very soon.  The new C1st Shenandoah branch will be located at 603 S. Fremont St., across the street from Walmart.  It will feature a 3,800 square foot building, multiple drive-up lanes, a drive-up ATM, and state-of-the-art features to best serve members and the Shenandoah community.  It is expected to open by the end of the year.   

Please help us CELEBRATE groundbreaking for Community 1st Credit Union’s newest location in Shenandoah! 

When:  Tuesday, May 17, 2022

Time:   10:00 AM

Place:  603 S. Fremont St. (located across the street from Walmart)

Join us for refreshments to celebrate! 

May 3rd, 2022

Green Plains announces $50 million Clean Sugar expansion to Shenandoah facility

(Shenandoah) -- Officials from Green Plains, Inc. have announced plans for a $50 million expansion to its Shenandoah facility, adding 12 new jobs to the community.

During an earnings conference call for the first quarter of 2022, Green Plains President and CEO Todd Becker announced that the company has picked Shenandoah to be the first site for its Clean Sugar Technology. Patented by Fluid Quip Technologies -- which is owned by Green Plains -- CST produces low-cost dextrose and fructose through a dry milling technique and provides another product that can be produced by the existing facility.

"This will benefit the project development to make Shenandoah our first fully developed biorefinery platform of the future, complete with protein and sugar operations at a dry mill," said Becker. "This 30,000 bushel-per-day grind capacity glucose and dextrose system will be uniquely positioned to add significant value and demonstrate the possibilities for future development of this initiative."

Last month, the Iowa Economic Development authority announced that the project was awarded a $250,000 forgivable loan. Additionally, IEDA has agreed to give a rebate on sales tax for construction of the building and the Shenandoah Chamber and Industry Association is donating 25 acres of land for the expansion. Despite the incentives, Becker says it was the staff at the Shenandoah location that made it a prime location for the first Clean Sugar expansion.

"Shenandoah is really a special place," said Becker. "Obviously, it's one of our best and most profitable plants as a standalone plant. It's the first place we had high-protein and it's performing very well. It performs at-rate almost every operating day, and we see yields and proteins under our control amount in terms of pressing higher yields and managing our protein levels. So we've had a lot of learning there. We have a great operating staff that is really ready for new technologies now."

SCIA Executive Vice President Gregg Connell says the announcement is a positive one for the city and could lead to more projects associated with Clean Sugar Technology.

"We've got a great staff out here and the city has always been very supportive of Green Plains," said Connell. "This project will be about a $50 million construction project. There will be 12 jobs with it. We're obviously excited about that, but we're also very excited about the potential for downstream partners that would locate in Shenandoah and use products from the Clean Sugar Technology for additional products."

The expansion is just the latest addition to the facility since it first went online in 2007. In addition to producing ethanol, the facility produces a high-protein product that can be used in fish and other animal feed. Becker says Shenandoah is serving as a model of what the company hopes other campuses will look like.

"What we want to show is the future, and the future is going to be what Shenandoah will look like, which is a combination of all of the technologies and all of the IP that we have," said Becker. "There's also an opportunity for co-location as well. We've been talking to potential co-location partners of doing over-the-fence opportunities and Shenandoah is very unique from a workforce standpoint, as well as where it's located from a rail and a transport standpoint."

Connell says the growth and diversification by Green Plains shows the company's commitment to its Shenandoah location.

"We have a high-protein project out here, we have an aquaculture project out here and now we have Clean Sugar," said Connell. "We're excited that Green Plains continues to grow. It's just amazing the diversification that Green Plains has with their company. We're looking forward to other projects in the future."

Plans currently call for the company to break ground on the expansion in late summer or early fall with the goal of being operational by the middle part of next year.

 By Ryan Matheny KMA News

April 19th, 2022

Page County ISU Extension & Outreach SCIA Coffee

See the info. about Page County ISU Extension & Outreach at SCIA office, 619 W. Sheridan Ave. Highlights of ISU Human Sciences and the Growing Strong Families program.  April 18-23rd is ISU Extension and Outreach Week.

April 11th, 2022

Zmed Brothers Perform at the Depot to Benefit Everly Childhood Home

Zmed Brothers of the Everly Brothers Experience will perform April 19th at the Depot Restaurant 101 Railroad St. in Shenandoah. It's the first tent party of the season. Barbeque starts a 6 p.m. Free-will donations benefit the Everly Brothers Childhood Home projects, located just across the street.

Fundraising Underway for Everly Brothers Childhood Home Highway Mural

      Everly Brothers Childhood Home have plans for California artist John Cerney to paint a color Everly Brothers billboard mural to be placed east of Shenandoah on Highway 2 to attract visitors to home at 800 W Sheridan Avenue in Shenandoah.

     Fundraising has already begun with nearly half of the $8,000-$10,000 cost raised. Donation will be collected at the Tuesday April 19th 6 p.m. Zmed Brothers concert at the Depot Restaurant tent party. Donation checks can be made to Greater Shenandoah Foundation Everly Events fund, SCIA Everly Events fund. Online donations can be made at the Shenandoah Chamber & Industry Association website  

     The Everly design is still in the early stages, but it will be similar to the 16-foot-high, 22-foot-wide mural of Glenn Miller south of Clarinda on Highway 71. It will include an image of Don and Phil Everly and an outline image of the Childhood Home. The design is still being created from various photo images. The Everly Family lived in Shenandoah from 1945 through 1953 performing live on Shenandoah’s radio stations KMA and KFNF.

Salinas-based artist John Cerney, after earning an art degree from Cal State Long Beach in 1984, worked in Southern California doing portraits. He eventually shifted to creating what he calls “giant highway art.” He has placed 300 large cut-out murals in 23 states, including Iowa and Nebraska. Cerney completes each mural in his studio, painting 8-foot sections at a time. He doesn’t get to see the completed work until it is installed.

The lifespan of the installations varies, Cerney said, depending on the weather and which direction the art is facing. The artwork is constructed of special plywood panels that are designed for highway advertising boards. The Everly Brothers Childhood Home Committee is hoping the sign will last at least 10 years. The committee has yet to identify an exact location. They are hoping to place the sign in the fence line of property 2-3 miles east of Shenandoah on Highway 2. That area has the highest traffic count outside of Shenandoah city limits.

Some of Cerney’s interesting murals include aliens and a landed saucer with a “Welcome to Roswell, NM” sign, James Dean in his hometown of Fairmont, IN, Amelia Earhart and plane in her hometown of Atchison, KS, Neal Armstrong in Wapakoneta, Ohio where he grew up, and a series of murals in Salinas depicting the characters of John Steinbeck’s “Cannery Row.” See more of Cerney’s creations at his website Cerney's work has been featured in numerous magazines, books, and newspapers over the years, including National Geographic, Sunset Magazine, Reader's Digest, and the New York Times as well as YouTube videos.

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